Coffee Culture


What does the Italian expresso, the Turkish kahvesi or the Portuguse bicahave in common? “Coffee” seems an adequate answer. However, the reply can be more extensive than that due to the importance of this aromatic and rich grain. For the Italians, Portuguese and Turks coffee is not just a beverage but  part of history, a tradition that brings people together and involves individuals’ common feeling of partaking and national identity.

Coffee in Portugal, Italy or Turkey, as much as the English or Moroccan teas or Indian chai, is prepared with purpose, wisdom and heart to be savored afterwards with joy and delight by each one of us alongside with friends and family. Portuguese are indeed avid coffee drinkers and being Portuguese I could not be any different. In Portugal coffee consumption is approximately 4 kg per capita a year.

From North to South of Portugal there are a multiplicity of coffee bars and esplanades serving café . Whether you prefer it black, with or without sugar…it does not matter, just ask for it.

“Coffee culture” is the appropriate answer I would say.

Great places for a great coffee in Portugal:

Café Brasil [address: Rua Francisco Bivar 21,  Portimão]

Café Bar Dromedário [address: Avenida Comandante Matoso, Sagres]

Barlefante [Address: Travessa das Guerreiras,  Monchique]

Pastelaria Gardy [address: Rua Santo António 16, Faro]

Café das Artes na Casa da Cultura [address: Rua Detrás da Guarda, 26 a 34, Setúbal]

Café no Chiado [address: Largo Picadeiro 10, Lisboa]

Café A Brasileira [address: Rua Garrett 120, Lisboa]

Photo: Armação de Pêra, Algarve, Portugal


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