A juice in style


Liquid is a recent Portuguese brand that offers a wide variety of 100% natural juices, shots and smoothies, which are full of concentrated nutrients and enzymes. Liquid’s juices, smoothies and shots have no conservatives or preservatives and are a superb and speedy way of providing vitamins and minerals to your organism.

All juices are freshly squeezed, blended and mixed at Liquid’s shop –called “Merendinha” – and served in recycled biodegradable cups. “Merendinha” was known for the best lemonade in town since 1936, but in 2011 it has been renamed Liquid and reopened with a new natural beverage menu.

In a word: delicious! When visiting Lisbon stop by Liquid and grab a juice.

Liquid’s shop “Merendinha” – Address: Rua Nova do Almada, 45 A, 1200-288 Lisboa, Portugal

Image: Liquid na Merendinha www.facebook.com/liquidlisboa


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