Dia da Mãe // Mothers’ Day

Today is “Dia da Mãe” (Mother’s Day) in Portugal. Six years have now gone by since I was mum for the first time. I clearly recall my mum’s words when my little girl was born: “Agora saberás o que é realmente ser mãe” (from now on you will really understand the feeling of being a mum”.

Last Friday my little girl arrived from school with a small bag with 2 presents. I was not supposed to see them, she said, and went to hide them. Yesterday morning I have been given the best gift a mum could have: a kiss and a “I love you”. Then the small bag: ” I could not wait until tomorrow mummy” she explained. It does not matter the day, all days are mother’s days!!!

 DSC01302  DSC01299 DSC01298



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