Rota Vicentina’s video wins two more international awards

The New York Festivals International Television & Film Awards ceremony,which took place on April
9th, awarded Rota Vicentina’s promotional video with a “Bronze World Medal”. This festival is one of the oldest and most well-­‐known festivals in the world, with a jury of about two hundred experts of different nationalities.

Well done Portugal! 🙂

Further sources and information:­‐vicentina-­‐video/?lang=en


Cork, the Portuguese material


Portugal is world’s number one cork producer, with over 52% of the  global production (source:, and also an innovative country.

Pomm Studio has combine both cork and innovation and here is the result.

Dia da Mãe // Mothers’ Day

Today is “Dia da Mãe” (Mother’s Day) in Portugal. Six years have now gone by since I was mum for the first time. I clearly recall my mum’s words when my little girl was born: “Agora saberás o que é realmente ser mãe” (from now on you will really understand the feeling of being a mum”.

Last Friday my little girl arrived from school with a small bag with 2 presents. I was not supposed to see them, she said, and went to hide them. Yesterday morning I have been given the best gift a mum could have: a kiss and a “I love you”. Then the small bag: ” I could not wait until tomorrow mummy” she explained. It does not matter the day, all days are mother’s days!!!

 DSC01302  DSC01299 DSC01298


A passear em… // Walking in… Monchique

Monchique is a small town located in the western Algarve, 20 minutes away from the city of Portimão. With over 6.000 inhabitants, Monchique breathes out a peaceful quietness embraced by the green and brown landscape. Its streets are steep and narrow, with houses nicely painted in white, stone sidewalks, little corners and earth terraces.  Last time I went there it was still winter time, but the day was bright and sunny and invited us for a walk.

For further information about Monchique please visit:

10th IndieLisboa International Film Festival


Lisbon’s International Film Festival is back, from 18th to 28th April, and will have many fresh news from Portugal.

IndieLisboa is already on its 10th edition and continues to embrace creativity and promote  the universe of independent cinema.

Get a close look into Indie’s webpage, also in English, and stay tuned in with all the fresh cinema news.

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Parabéns a ti e obrigada por seres quem és…

This post title is in Portuguese and is a personal note to say much more than “Happy Birthday”…

This is for you only.

: Pin Coração Vermelho, Design de Maria Antunes


“Sardinha”, Fresh Souvenirs from Portugal

When travelling to the Algarve it is reasonably easy to find a souvenir shop, but not one like “Sardinha”. “Sardinha” means sardine in Portuguese and it could not represent less than the Portuguese essence itself. At “Sardinha” you can find the best that Portuguese brands have to offer.

What you can find at “Sardinha”:

Bordallo Pinheiro


Ach Brito

Cortiço & Netos

Antiga Barbearia de Bairro

And much more….