Parabéns a ti e obrigada por seres quem és…

This post title is in Portuguese and is a personal note to say much more than “Happy Birthday”…

This is for you only.

: Pin Coração Vermelho, Design de Maria Antunes



Mértola, vila alentejana…

Located in the southern Portuguese countryside, Mértola is a village worth visiting, not only by its monuments but also for the gastronomy and the kindness of its inhabitants. There I fell in love once again.

For further information about Mértola, please visit:

Where to sleep: Hotel Museu 

Where to eat: Restaurante Tamuje

40th Edition of ModaLisboa Trust

The 40th edition of ModaLisboa took place on the 8th, 9th and 10th March 2013. Lisbon’s fashion event started in 1991 and since then it has given an immense support towards Portuguese fashion design and creativity’s expression. Year after year Portuguese fashion has been consistently gaining significance and credibility in international fashion market. Each year, along with the well-known names of national fashion such as Luís Buchinho, Dino Alves or Nuno Baltazar, new talents come up showing to us that dreams can come true.

Luis Buchinho 13-14

Luis Buchinho2 13-14

© ModaLisboa / Photography: Rui Vasco/ Fashion Designer: Luís Buchinho


Portuguese Designers have “dressed” Microsoft’s Surface



Portuguese designer Ruth Gomes came up with the idea: to create a protective case for Microsoft’s new Windows tablet. The case would be made of burel, a national fabric made of wool and that is commonly used in Portuguese handcraft. Microsoft accepted the proposal and two other designers (Sara Lamúrias and Rui Grazina) were also invited to integrate the project.

Simple ideas make a difference.

For more information: Designers portugueses vestiram o Surface com burel | P3.

Photo @ PUBLICO | P3

Planting an herb garden has never been so easy


Pick a vase…or several ones; get good organic earth; find an outdoor place in your home with sun, although not too much, and good shade, sheltered from wind or rain as these elements may take away the seeds you will be planting soon.

To give a push on this Stufa Concept has created a super starters kit.

The kit is composed by: 3 sachets with seeds (parsley, basil and coriander) + leaflet with instructions on how, when to plant and take care + recipes using those herbs.

Simple, isn’t it?

For more information, please visit:

Photo: Stufa @

A juice in style


Liquid is a recent Portuguese brand that offers a wide variety of 100% natural juices, shots and smoothies, which are full of concentrated nutrients and enzymes. Liquid’s juices, smoothies and shots have no conservatives or preservatives and are a superb and speedy way of providing vitamins and minerals to your organism.

All juices are freshly squeezed, blended and mixed at Liquid’s shop –called “Merendinha” – and served in recycled biodegradable cups. “Merendinha” was known for the best lemonade in town since 1936, but in 2011 it has been renamed Liquid and reopened with a new natural beverage menu.

In a word: delicious! When visiting Lisbon stop by Liquid and grab a juice.

Liquid’s shop “Merendinha” – Address: Rua Nova do Almada, 45 A, 1200-288 Lisboa, Portugal

Image: Liquid na Merendinha

The Algarve.

Praia da Rocha

The Algarve continues to be a summer destination par excellence.

Have no doubt, the Algarve does offer an extraordinary summer holiday time as there is lot to do, see and experience. From east to west you can find marvelous sandy beaches with clear water, relaxed restaurants offering a variety of salads and fresh grilled fish, outdoor leisure activities such as jeep safari tours, boat trips, kayaking and surfing are available. Air temperatures are fantastic (approximately 30ºC during day time) as well as the water temperatures (around 20ºC).

Furthermore, it is not an expensive site and is reachable very easily as flights are only between two, three hours away from major European cities.

It is imperative for this Portuguese region to have a plan and a strategy to face the seasonality of its tourism industry. This problem resides year after year. I was indeed surprised when I read a news piece mentioning that the Turismo de Portugal (Portugal’s Tourism Bureau) was starting on the 7th February 2013 a series of meetings to outline a strategy for winter season 2013-2014.  It is fantastic to see that this subject has not been forgotten by tourism entities but it is surprisingly enough to comprehend that we are already in 2013 and that this issue is latent since at least the 90’s.

The Algarve is not just about summer as its natural beauty, landscapes and gastronomy are available all year round. Although winter season brings some rain, the temperatures are milder (15 to 20ºC during day time) and the average hours of sun are still considerable (10 hours against the 14 hours in summer time). So much can be said about but the most important measure is the action.

As for me, I will continue to spread the word and promote the region I call home the best I can.

Photo: Praia da Rocha, Portimão, Portugal